James arrives

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Steve & Chris
Sun 13 Sep 2009 14:35
Sunday 13th September 2009
Having pre-warned James about the horrible weather, which still had not perked up after a week, we awoke today to brilliant sunshine and lighter winds.  We had visions of him turning up in winter coat and wellie boots, but no, there he was in t-shirt and jeans with his usual good-natured grin.  The transfer from the airport presented no problems, and only cost 4 euros, and with just a couple of "where are you?" phone calls after arriving in Lavrion, we soon found each other.  As usual James was hungry, so we went to the fish taverna (we only have fish!) before settling him in on the boat. 
We ate on board, which gave James a chance to relax and settle and us all an opportunity to decide where we would be going during his 9-day stay.  We weren't wasting any time, we would be off tomorrow.