Visas granted!

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Steve & Chris
Wed 21 Oct 2015 21:58

Wednesday 21st  October 2015


Yesterday Steve’s blood results came through – all fine.  Doctor Stephane said that he would finish the report online by lunchtime today.  We had no idea how long the visa applications would take to process, but were completely taken by surprise to receive two emails this afternoon advising that our visas had been granted!  Whoopee!  We can leave anytime we like for Aus, so we’d better start getting ready!


An added bonus that we didn’t realise until we read them, is that as multiple entry visas, we get the maximum twelve months stay each time we re-enter Australia, right up until the visas expire in October next year.  This means that we will not need to extend our visas if we plan to stay more than a year, as the clock will start again when we return from our trip back home next summer.  Great news!