Blue Mountains (2) - Megalong Valley

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Steve & Chris
Sun 10 Jan 2016 22:12

Sunday 10th January 2016


We checked into our accommodation for the night, The Norwood Lodge, and the very friendly hosts offered us a cup of tea, so we sat in the garden and relaxed a while over a cuppa.  Tony gave us a few ideas of places to visit in the area, and once refreshed, we set off in the car towards the Megalong Valley. 



Time for a cuppa in the very pleasant garden of the Norwood Lodge.


m_IMG_8152.jpg                m_IMG_8153.jpg


m_IMG_8161.jpg                m_IMG_8155.jpg


As we drove further into the valley we noticed vines growing on the hillsides, and then, in what seemed the middle of nowhere, we came across a sign for a cellar door.  So we followed a gravel road for several kilometres up a hill, and finally arrived at the Dry Ridge vineyard.  This was a very pleasant surprise, and we stayed to try a range of their wines while looking out over their vineyards and the wonderful view.




m_IMG_8160.jpg                m_IMG_8159.jpg


As we sat there, the sky began to cloud over, and by the time we were walking back to the car, it was beginning to rain.  As we made our way back along Megalong Valley Road, the heavens opened and the wipers had difficulty keeping the windscreen clear.  Oh well, at least it waited till we were on our way back to the Lodge.




Interestingly, about five minutes away from Blackheath, the rain stopped and the roads were dry.  It had not rained there at all.  An illustration of why the valleys are green