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Steve & Chris
Fri 17 May 2013 20:29
09:15.137S 128:42.874W

Friday 17th May 2013

Distance run so far: 2182
Distance run Day 16: 156
Total distance run: 2338 nmiles

A fine, sunny day with clear blue skies and winds of 14-18 knots from the East South East. The sea has moderated further and is more comfortable, though regular big swells come through and send us rolling from side to side. We have changed our point of sail to achieve the necessary course and are now running dead downwind under both headsails. No poles at present, but they are very much on the cards if the wind changes even slightly, so we're limbering up ready for the next session of pole dancing.

As we've travelled 18 degrees west since our last time change, it's time to put the clocks back again. We are now UTC -8. As I write it is half past midday for us and half nine in the evening at home in the UK. We've been putting the clock back at midday, so we get coffee and biscuits twice - Steve has suggested a better time would be 1800, then we'd get sundowners twice! Getting crafty in his old age....