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Steve & Chris
Sun 28 Sep 2008 15:20
36:49.409N 28:33.943E
Having spent a few days in the marina, checking out the facilities etc., we set off once again.  The Med Section of the Cruising Association, of which we are members, are holding a dinner in Gocek on Monday evening to celebrate the end of their summer cruise and the 100th anniversary of the CA.  Having made it to Turkey in time for this, we decided to go.
We were joined on the trip by Brian and Margaret Atherton from Freya of Lerwick - fellow CA members whom we had met across the pontoon in the marina.  They were leaving their boat in Netsel Marina in Marmaris and flying home on Tuesday, so it was a nice opportunity for us to have some company on the boat and for them to do some sailing on a (relatively) bigger boat.
We decided to break the 50-mile trip to Gocek into two legs (well we are in wind-down mode now!) and stopped in Ecincik for the night.  There was a choice of anchoring in the bay or mooring up to the restaurant's pontoon, so we took the lazy option and booked a table for four for eight!
The restaurant was interesting in that it had no menu as such - an assortment of starters were brought to the table on a tray, and we were told the choice of main dishes by a waiter who parked his trolley loaded with dead fish alongside the table.  Strangely, none of us wanted fish, choosing to go instead for meat dishes, but with no idea how much each would cost because prices didn't seem to be part of the waiter's repertoire!
To be fair, the food was okay once it eventually came, and the prices were not unreasonable, but we all agreed that we would not rush back.