Transit booked for 2nd March

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Steve & Chris
Fri 18 Jan 2013 20:24

Friday 18th January 2013


Once back in the water, the first job was to get the boat admeasured ready for the canal transit.  This involved a visit from an admeasurer, and a very pleasant young lady duly turned up yesterday to do the job.  She checked the boat’s cleats on the way onboard, had a quick look below to check the toilet facilities and asked us to blow the horn to check it was working.  Then she completed a couple of forms and declared us fit to transit.  Job done.  We were slightly perplexed by the fact that she had not appeared to measure the length of the boat – the main reason for the visit we thought.  Fees for yachts to transit the canal are based on length of the boat: less than 50’ in length US$800, over 50’ in length US$1300.  We are 43’ but we have davits with a RIB hanging off the back and they measure from tip to tip.  We measured it ourselves and made it 48.8’, so we thought we were ok for the lower fee, but wanted it confirmed.  We checked the paperwork she gave us, and sure enough, it showed our length – 48.2’.  How come? 


All was revealed when Steve went round to let the admeasurer onto Sheer Tenacity as Rod & Mary had returned home for a while.  Whilst holding the end of the tape measure, he enquired how she knew the length of Scott-Free.  She was measured when she transited 10 years ago came the answer.  Steve didn’t tell her that we’d added a bowsprit since then – that obviously accounts for the 0.6’ difference!   As long as she’s under 50’, we’re really not bothered what length she is!  We missed out on our official Panamal Canal transit number card though – Gavin & Sukey that’s one you owe us!


Today we received confirmation that we are booked to transit the canal on Saturday 2nd March.  In the meantime we plan to take a break and head off to Peru by plane and be real tourists for a couple of weeks.  All we need to do now is book it!