Plenty of wind!

Scott-Free’s blog
Steve & Chris
Tue 3 Jun 2008 19:39

46:25.851N 9:13.412W


After a fairly windless and sluggish start we finally got the wind we were

hoping for and spent most of Monday night stonking along at 7-8 knots under

a reefed main and yankee, with the staysail adding its bit.  With a South

Westerly forecast for Wednesday we decided to get as much west in as

possible before turning south for Cape Finisterre.  We crossed the

continental shelf at midnight - the depth suddenly changes from 100+ metres

to 1000+ in next to no distance and makes for a lively ride!  It was the

first time the lee cloths have been used in anger and they were much

appreciated - particularly the one in the middle of the double berth!


It was a clear night sky and the stars were awesome. This trip was worth it just for

that sight alone.


We woke today to a clear blue sky and sunshine, and the wind has decreased

so that we have been doing a steady 5-6 knots.  The plots on the chart are

creeping steadily south west across the Bay of Biscay and we should make

Cape Finisterre sometime tomorrow evening, if the wind keeps up.  We'll

resort to the engine only if our speed drops below 3 knots or it looks like

all the sangria will have been drunk before we arrive at the welcome party

in Bayona!