Getting warmer

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Steve & Chris
Sat 30 May 2015 03:36
27:35.561S 177:13.426E

Saturday 30th May 2015

Distance run so far: 374nm
Distance run Day 3: 109nm
Total distance run: 483nm

Rather slow going in light winds yesterday meant that we motor-sailed for several hours to keep moving - and to try to avoid the numerous squalls. One in particular yesterday afternoon we just could not avoid, and it sat over us for an hour and a half dumping gallons of water on us as it went.

A clear night with a magnificent view of the milky way gave way to a sunny day with beautiful blue skies - and only a smattering of distant squalls which we have so far managed to avoid. Fingers crossed for this evening - they are out there, let's just hope they don't find us!

It's been warm enough to sit in the cockpit with just a light fleece, and calm enough to clear out the shower cubicle and take a much-needed shower. Too cold for the deck shower still, but soon...