Day sail to Sembulang

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Steve & Chris
Sat 14 Oct 2017 16:59

0:52.287N 104:14.848E


Saturday 14th October 2017


Distance run: 29 nm


Although it is less than 60 nmiles to Nongsa, and if we started out early we could make it in a day, we decided to take it easy and divide it into two shorter sails.  So today we left Benan at 0830, and with enough wind to keep the headsail pulling and a fair current, we motor-sailed the 29 nmiles to Sembulang, arriving at 1400.  Several other boats left Benan at the same time as us, but they soon left us as they crossed the channel and made for Tanjung Pinang. 


Tomorrow we will have only 20 nmiles or so to go to Nongsa, and will get our first glimpse of Singapore as we round the top of the island of Batam.  The end of this leg of the journey is now in sight, and as we prepare to leave Indonesia behind us, our thoughts are turning to Malaysia and the differences and similarities we will find there.