No room!

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Steve & Chris
Sat 19 Sep 2009 13:32
37:44.5N 23:25.7E
Saturday 19th September 2009
We were now more than halfway through James's stay with us and so it was time to head north again in order to get back to Athens in time for a spot of sightseeing and James's flight back on the 22nd.
We alternated between sailing and motoring and arrived mid-afternoon to find Aigina harbour absolutely choc-a-bloc!  They were holding their first ever nut festival and the world and his wife had decided to attend!  After gilling around in the harbour for a while trying to persuade some unhelpful Greeks (why were we surprised) in a gin palace to move their rib out of a space we could squeeze into, we gave up and decided to anchor just outside the harbour and off the beach.  It turned out to be a lovely spot with crystal clear water, and we wasted no time in taking a dip. Winds were forecast to be very light, so we were set for the night.  When we anchored there was one other boat there, by the time we went to bed there were nine!