Good speed

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Steve & Chris
Wed 23 Sep 2015 20:00

19:38.858S 172:57.857E


Wednesday 23rd September 2015


Distance run: 154 nmiles


With 20-25 knots on the beam we made good speed yesterday and part of the night, albeit in lumpy and often uncomfortable seas.  With the wind forecast to die away before the end of the passage we needed to make the most of it and get some nmiles under the keel.  Neither of us felt much like eating and definitely not cooking, so we just snacked when we felt like it. 


Overnight the wind dropped to a more comfortable 15-20 knots, the sea calmed considerably, and the sun shone, so that this morning was much more pleasant.  Steve came up on deck after his off-watch to find me very relaxed and eager to know what was for breakfast!


m_P9230720.jpg                m_P9230722.jpg

Hard work this watch-keeping.                                                                                  Fresh pineapple for breakfast.


The midday position fix showed a good day’s run covering almost a third of the passage.