NZ Kiwis 14 Toa Samoa 12

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Steve & Chris
Sat 1 Nov 2014 06:32

Saturday 1st November 2014


We spent an enjoyable afternoon at the Four Nations rugby, where the Samoans actually played a better game but were pipped at the post by a late try from the Kiwis.  I know we are guests in their country, but I actually wanted the Samoans to win.   They seemed to display strength without aggression which I liked.  Not that the Kiwi players were aggressive, really, it was all that warlike intimidation stuff at the beginning with the Haka.  Even the ‘welcome’ dance had a confrontational element to it, whereas the Samoan dance was much more friendly.


I greatly enjoyed the good-humoured banter between the opposing fans sitting behind me in the stand, probably more than I did the rugby.  Well, for goodness sake, it was stop, start, the whole time.  No sooner did one of the chaps get hold of the ball and start running, several of the opposing side tackled him to the ground and tried to take it off him!  It was exhausting to watch, let alone play!  


Steve enjoyed the game – he is far more into watching competitive ball games than me. There was a great atmosphere in the stadium and everyone seemed to be having a good time.  Such a shame there had a to be a losing side.


m_IMG_4369a.jpg           m_IMG_4371a.jpg

The Maori ‘welcome’ dance....                                                                   ...performed by some big lads.


m_IMG_4381a.jpg           m_IMG_4384a.jpg               

Samoans bring down a Kiwi.                                                                      Scrum down.