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Sat 19 Mar 2011 19:24
Saturday 19th March 2011
We set off on Monday morning for Falmouth Harbour as planned, and stopped in Carlisle Bay on the way, for lunch and a swim.  Well, for lunch anyway. As we arrived a huge black cloud began passing very slowly over and so we passed on the swim.  Serafina was already anchored and Sarah was enjoying a leisurely read in a hammock strung across the foredeck.  Every so often a swell came into the bay, and as Serafina rolled from side to side,Sarah was swung none too gently in the hammock.  Steve looked up from his book on one occasion, to see the empty hammock swinging, and panicked that she had been jettisoned into the sea!  His mind was put to rest however when she apperared in the cockpit shortly after.
Sarah relaxing in the hammock on Serafina's foredeck, Montserrat in the distance.
We arrived in Falmouth Harbour a couple of hours later and got the anchor to bite on the second attempt.  Rob & Sarah then arrived in the rib on their way back from organising the hire car for tomorrow and as it just happened to be time for sundowners,joined us on board for a rum punch or two.  We were told in no uncertain terms that we were to be treated to supper the following day at a local restaurant, as they would be heading south on Wednesday and our paths are not then likely to cross for a year or more, and we accepted on the condition that they join us for dinner tonight onboard.  When they returned to the boat later, they presented us with a bottle of champagne to be opened only on a specific special occasion:
Looking forward to popping this cork within sight of Liberty.
Tuesday morning we set off early to collect the hire car, and spent a very enjoyable day touring the island.  We had the best coffee in the Caribbean so far at Harmony Hall and enjoyed browsing round their art gallery.  Devil's bridge was quite awesome as the Atlantic sea rolls in and breaks against the rocks, blowing out through cracks in the rocks with some force and noise!  The rock itself is worn away by the water in a very distinctive pattern.
The sea forces its way up through blowholes in the rocks.
We stopped at Long Bay for a swim in calm, clear water where you can see waves breaking on the reef not far away.  We drove briefly through St.John's,mainly to let the 'boys' see the statue of VC Bird that Sarah and I had enjoyed seeing on our visit, and returned to Shirley Heights to see the sun go down.
The statue of V.C. Bird in  St.John's                                                            Sunset over English & Falmouth Harbours from Shirley Heights
We had a very nice meal at Johnny Coconuts that was tinged with a little sadness at saying farewell to our friends, and were delivered back to the boat, where Rob was easily persuaded that they should join us onboard for a coffee and nightcap.  The following morning we waved them off as they weighed anchor and set off for Guadeloupe and the beginning of their trip south to Grenada.
Wednesday evening Ian from Celtic Spray joined us on board for drinks and supper, and on Thursday we set off back to Jolly Harbour. We had a lovely slow sail around the coast and really put our forward-looking sonar to the test as we sailed through the reef.  This clever piece of equipment shows where the sea floor is ahead of the boat rather than where we have just been, which we get from the usual echo sounder. 
By early afternoon we were bows to in the marina in Jolly Harbour, and set about getting the boat ready for our guest, which involved clearing out the forecabin and finding space for everything usually stored there, so that James would have somewhere to sleep!  Steve also did an oil change on the engine and I replaced the coloured markers on the anchor chain.  All the markers before 30 metres had come off and this made anchoring in shallow water a bit difficult as I had no idea how much chain I had let out until the 30 metre marker appeared!  It's not a job that can be done whilst at anchor!!
James arrived safely late afternoon, heavily laden with all the things we had asked him to bring out, but timing it just about right for sundowners and his first rum punch of the holiday.