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Steve & Chris
Thu 1 Oct 2009 15:27
37:06.26N 25:22.47E
Thursday 1st October 2009
We set off mid-morning after Steve had an early(ish) swim (is he a masochist?)  2 knots of wind so we motored the entire way to Naxos, arriving late afternoon.  There was no problem finding a space in the harbour so we were soon tied up and settled for the night.
We planned to spend a couple of days here as the Lonely Planet suggested the island was worth exploring.  We hired a car (25 euros a day - bargain!) and set off with a map of the island.  We visited a couple of sites that had 'Kouros' - unfinished statues.
The second one is over 15 metres long, and is still lying in the rock it was being carved out of.  It's thought that a fault appeared in the rock so they didn't bother finishing it - imagine taking all that time to carve out a statue and then its head or leg falls off!  How annoying would that be?!  An instant Venus de Milo!!
We came across this scene as we turned a bend in the road - the old and the new!
The landscape is quite arid, as might be expected.
The unfinished temple from the castle on Naxos Town                                    Winding narrow paths through Naxos Town