Halfway there!

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Steve & Chris
Wed 29 Dec 2010 15:23
15:47.625N 43:10.197W
Wednesday 29th December 2010
Distance run in 25 hours (clocks went back an hour!):  143
Total distance run: 1079
Distance left:  975
This morning dawned with clear blue skies and sunshine, a far more welcoming start to the day!  A few fluffy clouds on the horizon replaced the nasty black clouds of the last couple of days.
A much friendlier sky this morning.
We put our watches back by an hour to UT (GMT) -2, and took advantage of an extra hour's sleep.  Barbados is UT-4 so we are gradually moving the clock back as we get closer.The sea had calmed overnight and so showers on the aft deck were both possible and very welcome. 
The boat had sailed nicely through the night under reefed twin headsails and as the wind dropped this morning we let them out to gain speed.  With only 10-15 knots it will be a slow sail, but a welcome change of pace after the last couple of days.
Running downwind under twin headsails (with centred main to reduce rolling.
We made good progess yesterday, and this morning reached the halfway point - we now have less than 1000 miles left to go to Barbados.
Many thanks to friends and family who are reading the blog and sending us emails.  Thanks for the suggestion for paper chains Roy, but the Christmas tree was not our only decoration - here is the other one!