Skiathos town

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Steve & Chris
Fri 3 Jul 2009 15:46
39:09.89N 23:29.71E
Thursday 3rd July 2009
An 0600 start as it's 50+ miles to Skiathos town  and we motored for the first nine hours of them!  Finally, as we were off the Northern Sporades we picked up a bit of local wind and were able to sail the rest of the way.  The town quay was choc-a-bloc as expected (we were forewarned by Stewart, a sailing friend who runs Sapphire Yachting, a charter company based in Skiathos town).  We found a nice spot to anchor and had the hook down in no time (in contrast to last!)  We then discovered how close to the runway we actually were as a plane thundered immediately above our heads!  It was great fun watching them take off and spotting the airline companies.  Steve wanted an I-Spy book of aeroplanes but thought it wasn't likely to be available here!
We're glad to have arrived with a few days to spare before Kerrie and Lee join us.  We gave Stewart a call to let him know we are here, as he very kindly said we could pick his brains about the best places to go both locally and further afield. Later in the month we hope our friends Rachel and Alan will join us here and we will probably want to sail a bit further as they are experienced sailors.