Lovely day

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Steve & Chris
Sun 17 Nov 2013 00:46
31:11.447S 175:40.069E
Sunday 17th November 2013
Distance run so far: 684
Distance run Day 6: 123
Total distance run: 807 nmiles
What a beautiful day!  The sky is clear and bright blue, the sea is calm and the wind light.  So light, in fact, that we have the cruising chute up in order to get some speed in the 9-12 knots we have from almost behind us.  It needed drying out anyway after sitting in its bag in front of the mast for the last few passages when we were taking a fair amount of water over the bow.
A beautiful day, in shades of blue.
I came up on deck this morning at 0530 and had a panic that the autopilot had malfunctioned and we were heading the wrong way.  Why?  Because when I looked to starboard, I could see the rising sun.  We are headed south, which means our starboard side is facing west.  We must have done a complete 180 as the rising sun should be the other side!  Panic over, though, when I looked to port and saw the sky lightening as a herald to the new dawn.  Huh?  Twit.  The rising sun was in fact the setting moon.  It was awesome to see the one on one side and the other on the other at the same time.  Wonderful.
The setting moon to starboard....                                                                ....and the new dawn beginning to port.