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Steve & Chris
Mon 31 May 2010 08:14
36:47.423N 34:37.525E
Leaving Girne was a little fraught as four of our group's yachts had fouled anchors and as group leaders we stayed to help them get away.  They were eventually freed by one of the crew of the yachts donning SCUBA gear (with bits of equipment cobbled together from different yachts) and freeing the anchors which had fouled on old mooring blocks.  Some had managed to wrap their chains around the blocks in their attempts to free themselves and one boat left half their anchor behind when it snapped off as they tried to free it.
We eventually got away around 18:00 and set off for our overnight passage to Mersin.  With very little wind forecast it was going to be another dull night of motoring.
We arrived in Mersin around lunchtime and moored alongside the concrete jetty.  They had cleared the 'marina' area of the harbour for us and with the boats dressed overall there was an air of festivity about.  
We have decided not to do the organised tour here, but to enjoy a couple of days of relaxation...