Tooth and sail

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Tue 1 Dec 2015 23:08

Tuesday 1st December 2015


The plan had been to set off for Pittwater today, but this was foiled by two things – first, I had broken a tooth on Sunday, and the earliest I could get an appointment with a dentist was today, and second, the sailmaker still had not returned one of the headsails.  Nick was clearly very tired from his overnight trip from Perth as he was still falling asleep mid-anything, and so we put off our departure until the next weather window, which appears to be Friday.



Nick asleep with finger still poised on iPhone!


My visit to the dentist was one of my best ever.  The cheerful and friendly receptionist was very kind in noticing that I was somewhat hot from the half-hour walk in thirty-odd degrees of heat, and brought me tissues to mop my face and a glass of iced water to cool me down.  No sooner had I sat down in the waiting area than a nice young lady called Emma came to fetch me and took me to a very bright, airy, clean and modern room where the dentist waited.  Now I am not a fan of dentists, and I have certainly had more than my fair share of visiting them in many countries during our travels, but this young man was very personable and put me at my ease straight away.  The tooth really needed a crown, but he was aware that we didn’t have time for that, so he set about repairing the damage at the same time as strengthening the tooth, which has two further cracks, in such a way that he was hopeful it would last until I can get it crowned.  I didn’t feel a thing, and Emma was so expert at sucking out the water sprayed by the drill that I barely swallowed at all.  So, Australia goes straight to the top of the ‘Best dentists of the world’ list.


After rather too much chasing up, the sail was eventually finished late afternoon, and Steve went to collect it.  There was quite a wind blowing, so we left putting the sails back on till tomorrow morning, when we hope it will have died down.