Bosphorous to Poyraz

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Steve & Chris
Mon 8 Jun 2009 12:20
41:12.2N 29:07.7E
Monday 8th June 2009
After a few days of doing jobs on the boat, we set off towards the Bosphorous.  We stopped briefly to refuel at Fenerbahçe,and then on into the melee of VLCC's (Very Large Cargo Carriers - in other words, bloody great big ships!), ferries, trip boats and assorted other craft.  We certainly needed our wits about us as the ferries move at top speed, but we were soon clear of the busiest point at the Southern end by the Golden Horn.  It was great to be sailing (well motoring actually!) along the Bosphorous,looking at all the sights we had previously seen from land or the ferry,and we savoured the moment.
There is quite a strong south-flowing current in the Bosphorous,and we made slow progress at times, but were not in any hurry,and simply enjoyed the scenery as it passed us by.
As the Black Sea opened out to us, the sky had an ominous darkness to it, and just before we reached our anchorage, the fog descended.  Fortunately we were able to steer into the bay using the chart plotter, and were amused to find that we had to pick our way to a suitable place to drop the anchor between pedalos!  The Turkish holidaymakers were not going to let a little bit of fog spoil their fun!  It was not until we were securely fixed by the ground tackle that the fog eventually lifted,and the pretty little seaside bay of Poyraz was revealed to us.