Kumlu Buku

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Steve & Chris
Fri 17 Oct 2008 15:42
36:44.701N 28:16.477E
Friday 17th October
Time to begin our way back to the Marmaris area, and we had been recommended a Chinese restaurant in a bay not far from Marmaris, so we set off for Kumlu Buku in the vain hope of getting some wind to sail the 40 miles or so.  Instead we motored the entire way.  The cruising chute came out at one point, but by the time it was raised, the puff of wind that had led to its hopeful removal from its bag had died away and it hung limp and lifeless at the bow.
On a flat calm sea, under engine, with few other boats around and on a heading that would take us straight to Kumlu Buku, we all relaxed and, getting out our books, settled down for a read.  With no-one officially on watch, we all looked up occasionally to check all was well.  None of us saw the Turkish Naval frigate that steamed across our bow at what must have been 20+ knots until it actually crossed our path, creating several large waves in its wake.  The first Tom (who was lounging on the foredeck) knew of it, was a huge wave which came straight across the foredeck, drenching him in the process!
We arrived at Kumlu Buku without further incident, tied up and booked a table for four at the restaurant.  Although a little pricey, the food was good and we enjoyed out first Chinese meal since Lagos.