Kucuk Kuyruk

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Steve & Chris
Sat 8 May 2010 15:13
36:37.77N 28:52.72
Chris stood the first watch as we motored gently away from Rhodes, and there was very little shipping to worry about.  The sky was clear and full of stars, as well as a surprising amount of air traffic.  It appears that flights take off and land througout the night at Dalaman, which must be a joy for the locals!  Pete and Mary took the 0300-0600 watch, and did manage to get the genoa up for a while,though the wind was neither very strong nor very consistent. The end of Steve's 0600-0900 watch saw us entering the Gulf of Fethiye and then we just needed to decide which bay to make for.
Kucuk Kuyruk is a small and peaceful bay just inside the Gulf and here we dropped the anchor and took a line ashore. This has often been an exciting exercise in the past with just the two of us on board,but with no wind or swell and with excellent teamwork it was soon accomplished without problems.
The water here is clear and looks inviting, but we decided that it might be a little early in the season for a swim before breakfast.  
So breakfast on deck followed by a few hours of chilling out seemed in order,with the tough decision of whether to stay here or move on delayed till later in the day.