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Steve & Chris
Thu 28 Jul 2011 17:24
38:58.64N 76:28.44W
Thursday 28th July 2011
Distance run: 240 nmiles
The passage from Atlantic Highlands back to the Chesapeake was uneventful.  A mixture of motoring, sailing and motorsailing, we arrived at Cape May in thick fog.  It is not good to be able to hear the engine of a fishing boat getting nearer and nearer and see the blob on the radar coming closer, but not be able to see the vessel itself or indeed to know if it knows you are there!  For some time we could not even see Nimue and she was within a few hundred feet (on the basis that two boats make a bigger radar target than one!) 
Eventually the fog cleared and we had a good trip up the Delaware Bay with the tide and into the anchorage at Reedy Island where Steve repeated his ferry glide manoevre through the gap in the dyke.
Storms were again forecast, but in the end we mainly had rain and just a short burst of thunder and lightening, and so after a peaceful night's sleep we set off again and were shortlyin the C&D canal, where we had decided we definitely were not going to stop for diesel!  By late afternoon on Tuesday we had arrived in Annapolis, and were anchored in the harbour,opposite the Naval Academy.
We spent the next couple of days looking around the city that calls itself the US centre of sailing.  It has a huge Naval Academy here which turns out hundreds of young officers for the Navy and Marine Corps every year. We took a tour of the grounds and watched this year's new intake, called Plebes, assemble on the parade ground before lunch, and a raggedy old lot they looked too!
Local yachts race every Wednesday evening.                                                            Plebes marching in for their lunch at the Naval Academy.
Both Steve & Michael decided they needed new hats, and were worse than women trying to make up their minds what to get. Typically, they both ended up with exactly the same Tilley hat in exactly the same colour- luckily their heads are different sizes so there shouldn't be a problem! 
New hats- eventually!
We took a ride on a new circulator bus - it was so new the driver didn't even know what he was doing!  He wanted to sell us a $3 ticket for all buses and we just wanted a 50c ride on his bus!  In the end we showed him the flyer that said rides were 50c and he was happy.  Annapolis is a pleasant place - we expect it will be much busier when we come back in October for the boat show!
Different types of houses side by side                                                                        Alex Haley, author of 'Roots' statue on the City dock.