Banda festivities

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Steve & Chris
Sat 5 Aug 2017 12:52

Saturday 5th August 2017


We attended the welcome festivities on Monday, which began with some traditional dancing on the hotel lawn, the dances depicting the activities of picking and preparing the spices the islands are famous for.   Then we listened to a couple of speeches which were thankfully not long and only one was in Indonesian and that was translated for us.


m_IMG_3413.jpg                m_IMG_3418.jpg

Ladies performing traditional spice island dances.


m_IMG_3422.jpg                m_IMG_3421.jpg

The music was played on chimes and drum by these two ladies. Speeches from the “Banda Tourism Board” and a local official.


There followed a very pleasant evening at the hotel restaurant with a buffet dinner and plenty of Bintang beer.


The Farewell BBQ was on Wednesday at the Cilu Bintang Hotel, where we had previously enjoyed drinks on the verandah one afternoon and a buffet dinner one evening.  Aba, the owner, had once before asked if we wanted to stay at the hotel, and shown us the rooms, and we thought it would be nice to stay over on the night of the BBQ.  At 350,000 rupiah (about £21), including breakfast, it was too good an offer to miss, so after a very nice evening of very short speeches, eating, drinking and chatting to fellow cruisers, we retired to our air-conditioned room, ensuite bathroom and comfy bed for the night.  Such luxury!


m_IMG_3333.jpg           m_IMG_3340.jpg

The entrance to Cilu Bintang with VOC logos.                                                      Intricate patterning on the floor tiles.


m_IMG_3334.jpg                m_IMG_3337.jpg

The upstairs verandah looks out over the old fort and the volcano on the neighbouring island.



Cruising ladies having a chinwag on the verandah.


m_DSC01849.jpg                m_DSC01850.jpg

Our bed had a nutmeg carved into the headboard...                                       and the wardrobe had one at the top too!


m_DSC01856.jpg                m_DSC01855.jpg

Steve testing the rocking chair in the courtyard outside our room.             We joined Bob and Sue outside their room for drinks.


m_IMG_20170802_165717105.jpg                m_IMG_20170802_165925385.jpg

First attempt at group selfie – somebody wasn’t looking!                             Second and more successful attempt at group selfie. 

Bubbles provided by Bob and Sue who were celebrating seven years at sea.  Cheers!