Newcastle or Coffs Harbour?

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Steve & Chris
Tue 3 Nov 2015 19:17

26:11.999S 160:58.58E


Tuesday 3rd November 2015


Day’s run:  117 nmiles

Total distance run: 385 nmiles


As we are entering a High, the wind is gradually dying away, hence slower speeds and less ground covered.  Adverse currents continue to slow us further.  We are now considering whether to go to Coffs Harbour instead of Newcastle.  We cannot outrun the low, so will definitely be getting the strong northerlies, but they then turn to the south and will be giving us strong headwinds for the last couple of hundred nmiles down to Newcastle.  Coffs Harbour is 200 nmiles closer, and there is every chance we can make it before the southerlies start.


The good news is that the weather is lovely at the moment and the sun is shining.  All is well on board.