Brammo Bay, Dunk Island

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Steve & Chris
Tue 13 Jun 2017 21:51

17:55.958S 146:08.147E


Tuesday 13th June 2017


Distance run: 25 nm


Despite the unpleasant weather during the evening, we had a calm and peaceful night in Missionary Bay, and woke well-rested yesterday morning.  The weather had completely changed overnight, and the day was warm and sunny.  We lifted the anchor at 09:00 and motored in light winds to Brammo Bay, Dunk Island, arriving in time for lunch.


m_IMG_2860.jpg                m_IMG_2861.jpg

The northern end of Hinchinbrook Island from the anchorage.                   On our way out, we passed Goold Island which protects Missionary Bay.



We passed along the side of the Family Islands, the group to which

Dunk Island belongs.


After lunch we went ashore for a look around.  We strolled along the beach in Brammo Bay, passing the neglected apartments of a resort long closed, took a path through to the next bay, then retraced our steps back to the sand spit.


m_IMG_2875.jpg                m_IMG_2874.jpg

Looking along the beach at Brammo Bay, from the jetty.                              And the opposite way to the sand spit, where we beached the dinghy.


m_IMG_2877.jpg                m_IMG_2870.jpg

Looking out to the little island in the anchorage.                                                Interesting rocks in the neighbouring bay.


Leaving the long walk up the hill until the following day, we set off in the dinghy back to the boats, then decided to have a look at the little island at the back of the anchorage.  The beach there was quite different, being made up of dead coral.  Signs informed us that this was an important site for nesting seabirds during some months of the year, during which landing was prohibited.  Fortunately it was out of season, so we were free to explore.


Next morning we set off on the walk up to the lookout on Mount Kootaloo in the middle of the island.


m_IMG_2885.jpg                m_IMG_2910.jpg

We nearly missed this little chap, his camouflage was so good.                  This chap very kindly stayed long enough to pose for a photo.


 At the top we were rewarded with stunning views out towards Hinchinbrook Island and the group of islets we passed on the way yesterday.


m_IMG_20170613_093822777_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg                m_IMG_2882.jpg

Looking down over the sand spit and jetty.                                                          The view from the lookout south towards Hinchinbrook Island.


Having had our fill of the wonderful views, we continued along the path to Coconut beach, where we sat on huge boulders to eat our lunch.


m_IMG_2889.jpg                m_IMG_2893.jpg

Doing my mermaid impersonation.                                                                         Coconut beach.


m_IMG_2902.jpg            m_IMG_2896.jpg

Peek-a-boo!                                                                                       How did this huge boulder just split in two?


From here we followed the beach round the island until we came full circle back to the sand spit where the dinghy was waiting patiently to take us back to the boats.