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Steve & Chris
Mon 13 Oct 2008 20:08
36:45.25N 28.56.24E
Monday 13th October
After lunch we partly sailed and mostly motored to Gocek where we thought we would try Skopea Marina this time.  We stayed at the Municipal 'marina' last time, and although the moorings were fine, the loos and showers were a fair walk away and cost 1 lire and 5 lire respectively each time you used them.
Skopea marina seemed fine, although we were worried about being put near the ferry until it appeared for the first time and turned out to be a quaint little old boat that was pleasant to see crossing back and forth rather than a big, noisy, smelly fast thing as we had feared.
The ferry alongside in Skopea Marina
Steve and Tom decided their hair needed a trim so they sat on the crate on the pontoon to have the clippers run over them.  During this time we didn't realise until too late that we were being eaten alive by mosquitoes.  We later discovered the probable source - a pool that was green with algae and looked as if it hadn't been cleaned all season near to the pontoon head. 
It was a quiet mooring, however, reasonably priced and with clean loos and showers within a short distance.