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Steve & Chris
Sun 22 Jun 2008 17:48
37:57N 08:52W

Sines is a lovely place, although at first glance you wouldn't think so as it is a fuel tanker terminal! The coastline leading up to it is fairly industrial and not at all inviting, and the outer harbour is full of tankers, but then you come through the breakwater into the inner harbour and it changes completely. Ahead is a clean, well-kept beach, to the left are fishing boats, and to the right the marina. From where we parked the boat we could swim to the beach if we so desired (though none of us did!)

The town rises up from the beach and the old town is a maze of cobbled streets. We wandered along these on Sunday morning and found a shop where we bought wine for 2 euros and a huge box of prawns. Steve barbecued the prawns for lunch and we washed them down with the wine - delicious!

In the evening we found a little family-run bar/restaurant tucked away down a back street where we had dinner for three with wine and a dessert for less than 35 euros the lot. We would recommend Sines as a place to visit - the only downside being the marina showers which were freezing cold!