Red Rock

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Fri 27 May 2016 21:38

Friday 27th May 2016


This morning we headed north again, this time up the coast road to the tiny village of Red Rock, about a 40-minute drive away.  It is the northernmost village on the Coffs Coast and sits on the estuary of the Corindi River.  It takes its name from the red-coloured rocks at the headland, but the local Gumbainggir people know it by another name – Blood Rock.  In the 1880’s, armed police slaughtered the inhabitants of a nearby Aboriginal camp, chasing the survivors to this headland.  The Blood Rock massacres are commemorated by a simple plaque, and the area is considered by some to be sacred.



The plaque in memory of the victims and survivors of the Blood Rock Massacre.



The red rocks at the headland.


m_IMG_1477.jpg                           m_IMG_1472.jpg

On the top of the headland, looking south towards Coffs Harbour.                          Beautiful view  south from the headland.


m_IMG_1470 (2).jpg

Didn’t have the big camera with us, but think this was a white-bellied

sea eagle.


m_IMG_1459.jpg                m_IMG_1478.jpg

Looking across the Corindi estuary and north up the coast.                          Looking north...and down...from the headland.  Imagine being trapped here.  A sad story.