England v Fiji

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Steve & Chris
Sat 19 Sep 2015 21:59

Saturday 19th September 2015


Yesterday we took Rod & Mary on the yellow bus into Nadi as they had not been there yet.  Later we were joined on Scott-Free by Doug and his new partner and we spent a couple of hours catching up on news.  Doug had not only sailed to New Zealand, he had also sailed all the way around it.  Rather him than me, I said.


This morning we were up very early, as the rugby kicked off at 0700 local time.  We chose to watch it at Cardo’s, and by the time we arrived at 0650 there was already a group of locals around the television.  They had set up another screen, a little further along, and we thought it best to settle ourselves in front of that one.


I mainly went along for the breakfast, which was good, but I ended up getting quite involved in the game.  Fortunately Rod was very patient at answering my questions about what was happening!



All settled in front of the TV.


With three out of four of us happy with an England win (Rod decided to support the home team), we set off back to the boats with the intention of going back to Saweni Bay this afternoon.  We hit a snag, however, when Steve lifted the floorboard to look in the prop bilge and found it full of water.  Looking in the engine compartment, he also found water, so we had to investigate the source.  Eventually we tracked it down to the watermaker which was leaking around 800 mls of seawater per hour from the Clark pump.  This was pouring over the edge of the shelf the watermaker sits on, and was then running under our bed and into the prop bilge, then overflowing into the engine bilge.   We clearly were not going anywhere today!