Gili Bodo

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Steve & Chris
Sat 2 Sep 2017 21:58

Saturday 2nd September 2017


The anchorage at Gili Bodo was such a lovely spot that we decided to stay another day.  It reminded us of being in the Bahamas, with crystal clear water and a sandy bottom only feet from the underneath of the boat.  We spent the day snorkelling or just wallowing to keep cool, and chilling out on the boat watching the monkeys playing on the beach. 



From the back of the boat, beautiful clear water.


We anchored in a sandy patch, and there were many bommies in the shallow water not far from us which were alive with hard and soft corals and fish of many different types and colours.


m_IMG_3760 (2).jpg                    m_IMG_3761.jpg

Coral heads (or “bommies”) a short swim from the boat.


m_IMG_3766.jpg                m_IMG_3769.jpg


m_IMG_3773 (2).jpg                m_IMG_3775 (2).jpg



The drop-off into deeper water.


We joined some other yachties and went round in the dinghies to another beach to snorkel.  Much of the coral there had been bleached, and the re-growth was limited, but there were many colourful fish to be seen. We were a little saddened to see that a parrotfish had been speared by one of the snorkelers. We had gone just to look and enjoy.


m_IMG_3759 (3).jpg

Parrotfish for dinner.


Later in the afternoon, monkeys came out onto the beach to forage for food, but disappeared back into the trees if anyone went to get a closer look.


m_DSC_0056 (2).jpg

Monkeys on the beach at Gili Bodo.


We would have liked to stay longer, but we have to keep moving to meet a visa extension deadline in Lombok, and the Komodo National Park is between here and there.  So tomorrow, reluctantly, we will head out to Labuan Bajo.