Back in Port Louis, Grenada

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Steve & Chris
Sun 3 Jun 2012 00:32

12:02.623N 61:44.892W


Sunday 3rd June 2012


Distance run: 35 nmiles


We lifted the anchor at 0900 and had a lovely downwind sail all the way back to Grenada.  In fact, we started out with the yankee, but the wind was too light and we furled it away in favour of the genoa.   By mid-afternoon we had picked up a buoy at Happy Hill Bay for a final snorkel before heading back to the marina.  This time I decided to join the boys, but when I put my face in the water all I could see were hundred of little jellyfish all around me.  That was it!  I was out of the water in no time at all and no amount of coaxing was going to get me back in!


Steve & James waited a while and then took the rib over closer to the beach where they checked out the water and found no jellyfish at all so in they went and spent the next hour drifting around enjoying the underwater wildlife.  I lazed on deck and enjoyed my Kindle.  Each to his (or her) own.


The marina had suggested we arrive before 1800 so that we could go straight to our allocated berth rather than a temporary overnight one, so we slipped the buoy and headed the final few miles back to St George’s.