Still in Marmaris!!

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Steve & Chris
Fri 15 May 2009 21:18
Marmaris Yacht Marina
15th May 2009
Why are we still here, I hear you asking.  And indeed, we have asked ourselves that self-same question many times.
However, the main reason for our lack of movement, namely the long-awaited winch, is now supposedly on its way from customs and should be with us today or tomorrow.  So with any luck we should be on our way at the weekend.
We have not been idle, however, and have used the extended time here to good use, doing lots of little jobs to the boat so that she is now in fine fettle and ready for the summer's sailing. 
We have taught ourselves, with the aid of a DVD bought at the London Boat Show, to splice braid on braid rope so that we could renew the main clew outhaul and the continuous furling line.  This was not without its frustrations, as much of the rope sold here is totally unsuitable for splicing, a fact which we did not discover until we had already bought 20 metres!  However, following some email conversation with the producers of the DVD, we found some better quality rope which, after a bit of practice, we successfully spliced.  Far from being the black art it is apparently seen as by many a sailor (and rigger it seems!) it actually turned out to be fairly simple, and just requires decent braid on braid and a bit of practice!  Having said that, we would have to watch the DVD again if we had another splice to do!!
First unsuccessful attempt in bottom of picture and second, successful attempt top.
We took a trip to Pamukkale with friends in the car share.  Genevieve (an aged white Hyundai Accent) was due to return to the rental company at the beginning of May, and most of the car sharers had gone sailing (lucky beggars) so we did an overnight trip and stayed in a very pleasant and reasonably priced hotel in Pamukkale.  The travertines, a natural phenomena where calcium deposits have formed natural pools in the hillside, are a sight not to be missed, and as usual our photographs can not do it justice.
We did a SCUBA course and Steve is now a PADI qualified Open Water Diver.  Chris bottled out after one dive and decided to stick to snorkelling!  The course was four days long and held in a beautiful secluded bay, so whilst Steve was busy practising skills underwater, Chris enjoyed a lazy few days just enjoying the surroundings.
Trying to concentrate in theory...                                                            ...and enjoying the practice!
Underwater wildlife...                                                                                ...and above water wildlife!
Steve had an unfortunate close encounter with a Marmaris taxi and ended up with a temporary cast on his foot to prevent a small 'fissure' in his tibia from separating and becoming very bad news.  Fortunately when he returned to the hospital after two days they removed the cast and told him to take it easy on his foot for a week or so.  That was a relief and now there is just a very big and unpleasant looking graze and bruising to heal, and some swelling to go down.  Needless to say, we were very cross with the taxi driver when it happened but he was very good and took us straight to the hospital, then to the Polis station and home.  He also took us to the hospital for the follow-up appointment and paid all the hospital costs.  We felt he had done all the right things and decided not to press charges.
Hobbling along the pontoon.                                                                    Cast is off - that's a relief!   All friends now.
Nick Jackson, Steve's friend from the sailing projects, joined us on Monday and has been helping with jobs on the boat as well as enjoying the delights of Marmaris and Yacht Marine while we wait for the winch to be fitted.  He arrived laden with goodies from home, and cooked us a delicious toad in the hole on his first night with juicy fat Waitrose best pork sausages.  Yummy!!
Toad in the hole - delicious!
We are now hoping for and really looking forward to some good sailing in the not too distant future.