Porto Koufo

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Steve & Chris
Thu 2 Jul 2009 15:33
39:58.19N 23.55.1E
Thursday 2nd July 2009
A pleasant sail most of the way today, and Porto Koufo looked a nice anchorage - again almost landlocked with a narrow entrance that couldn't be seen once inside.  However, anchoring proved to be a bit of an ordeal for two reasons - Chris error and very deep water!  We aborted the first two attempts when the anchor chain appeared to be jammed.  Chris checked the locker and the chain seemed to be running free - then she realised she hadn't released the lock on the windlass!  Whoops!  Didn't tell skipper till later!  On the third attempt the anchor didn't seem to bite properly, so we pulled it up.  It had a lot of mud on it though!  Fourth time it went down and set fine.  We went ashore and had a look around, did a bit of very expensive shopping in the 'supermarket' and decided to eat aboard - a very fine cheese and ham omellete prepared and cooked by Scott-Free's very own Gordon Ramsey - without the bad language of course!