Minerva to Savusavu Day 3

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Steve & Chris
Mon 8 Jun 2015 17:44

17:55.031S 179:53.047W


Monday 8th June 2015


Distance run so far: 252 nm

Distance run Day 3: 117 nm

Total distance run: 369 nm


Eventually, after about 18 hours of absolute shite weather, the skies began to clear a little, the sea to calm down and the wind to ease.  As always, of course, one needs to be careful of what one wishes for, because the wind gradually died away to nothing at all, and the engine had to go back on.  So a noisy but more comfortable ride, with the wind teasing us from time to time into thinking we could sail, and then once the sails were out and the engine off, dying away again.  I could almost hear it chuckling away at us, mere mortals, thinking we had any say in any of this at all...