Puerto Patillas

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Steve & Chris
Fri 30 Mar 2012 21:10

17:58.595N 65:59.741W


Friday 30th March 2012


Distance run: 22 nmiles


We were up before dawn and had the anchor up and were motoring out of the anchorage as the sky lightened.  Everything was calm and still – no sign of the frolicking dolphins or dive-bombing pelicans we had watched from the cockpit yesterday.  When we were a couple of miles out, we tried calling Habibi on the VHF on the off-chance they were somewhere within range.  They didn’t answer, but another boat did – Flying Penguin were anchored a couple of miles ahead of us and just about to leave to head for Culebra.  Sure enough, not long after, they appeared to port through a gap in the reefs and headed out in front of us.  We had last seen Hjalmar & Britt-Marie in Charleston, so we spent a few minutes on the radio catching up on news.  We wouldn’t see them today as we would be stopping in an anchorage just along the coast, but hope to see them at some other point along the way, possibly in St Martin where they now have a land base.


We arrived at our anchorage and had the anchor down by 1030.  It was a little rolly, but as we didn’t plan to be there all night, it wasn’t a problem.  We spent the rest of the day just relaxing, taking cat naps and had an early dinner before retiring to bed around 1900 in order to get some sleep before setting off again at midnight to do the remaining 40 nautical miles to Vieques.