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Fri 18 Sep 2009 13:23
37:30.1N 23:27.2E
Friday 18th September 2009
Having visited the ancient theatre, we slipped our moorings mid-morning and headed for the island of Poros, some 15 nmiles away.  There being no wind, we motored the whole way, except for a short stop for lunch when we switched the engine off and just drifted in peace while we ate.
We arrived in Poros mid-afternoon and moored bows-to the floating pontoon,along with at least a dozen flotilla boats.  The approach is interesting as it is narrow and has to be shared with huge ferries that steam along at top speed, blasting their hooters at you if you dare to get in their way!
We had a wander around the town, and enjoyed a pleasant meal ashore.
Town quay at Poros