Getting our RIB back

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Steve & Chris
Sun 31 Mar 2019 14:04

06:21.743N 99:40.93E


Sunday 31st March


Distance run: 5.67 nmiles


We are pretty much ready to go sailing now, but before we do, we need to get our RIB back from Allstar boats who have been storing it for the last 16 months.  This involves us taking Scott-Free over to Telaga harbour to collect it.  As we have no way of getting ashore from the anchorage there, we were planning to go alongside the fuel dock and hope they would allow us to stay long enough to row the dinghy round from the marina.  However, Bob and Sue very kindly offered us the use of their lovely new RIB, and the whole operation was so much easier.


We motored over to Telaga, towing Mawari’s RIB behind us and dropped anchor in the outer bay.  After a bite of lunch we dinghied into the marina where we found three guys waiting with our RIB, decked out in her new blue suncover.  They brought her down the ramp and got her in the water, where we tied our painter to Mawari’s RIB’s transom and off we went, stopping briefly at the fuel dock to get some petrol for our outboard. 


Waiting at the fuel dock with both RIBs while Steve bought petrol.


Back at Scott-Free, we pulled our RIB up on the davits, re-tied Bob & Sue’s RIB to our transom, and set off back to Rebak.  Easy peasy.


Our RIB in place on the davits, Mawari’s tied to the stern.


Thanks Bob & Sue. 😉