Christmas in Key West

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Steve & Chris
Mon 26 Dec 2011 16:51
Monday 26th December 2011
First thing Christmas Eve, we pulled up the anchor and moved to a different spot, and this time the anchor set properly.  The alarm had gone off in the night a couple of times and although this is not unusual when in tidal waters with the swinging of the boat, and we did not seem to have moved far, we decided to reset the anchor as we planned to go ashore to explore Key West.
We went ashore in the rib mid-morning and the first job was to get a taxi to Customs and Border Patrol at the little airport on the island to hand in our cruising licenses.  If you hand these in, in person, you can return at any time and get a new one for another year.  This is the better option than hanging on to the old one if you plan to return the following year.  We don't plan, at the moment to do so, but felt it best to keep our options open. 
We also took an empty propane tank to be filled at the local petrol station, and then went for a stroll into town.
Key West from the dinghy dock                                                                    A Christmas decoration made of crab pots!!
Picture house turned shop in the main street of Key West.                                Christmas dinner on Nimue.
On Christmas Day we went ashore at lunchtime for a drink in one of the shoreside bars, and then joined Michael & Anne, Brian & Sandy and Ken & Heather on board Faring for starters of Buck's Fizz and tacos, on Nimue for a traditional Christmas dinner and then on Moonshadow Star for Christmas pud, mince pies, coffee and brandy to round off a very enjoyable day.