Mystery Island

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Steve & Chris
Sun 27 Sep 2015 21:56

Sunday 27th September 2015


A beautiful day, not to be wasted, so we took the dinghy over to Mystery Island.  This is actually Inyeug Island, which the local people believe is haunted by ghosts and therefore no-one will live there.  But it has been renamed Mystery Island for the thousands of cruise ship passengers who arrive weekly to spend a few hours on its shores.


Today though, not a soul was around, and we had the entire island all to ourselves.


m_P9270762.jpg                 m_P9270764.jpg

There is a marked channel to the jetty for the jolly boats.                              A sign in English welcomes visitors to the island.


m_P9270765.jpg                m_P9270768.jpg

Looking across the anchorage to the village of Aneityum.


m_P9270767.jpg                m_P9270788.jpg

A beautiful lagoon on the seaward side.                                                               Beautiful white sand.


m_P9270770.jpg                m_P9270771.jpg

Some tourist tat in the middle if the island.


m_P9270777.jpg                m_P9270778.jpg

The grass runway.                                                                                                           The airport terminal building.


m_P9270782.jpg                m_P9270783.jpg

Inside the terminal building.                                                                                        This little lawnmower for all that grass!


m_P9270784.jpg                m_P9270797.jpg

We sat here and ate lunch.                                                                                          The island is dotted all over with these little loo huts.


m_P9270794.jpg           m_P9270795.jpg

Looking across to the main island.  Beautiful.


We wandered the entire island and did not meet another soul. Such a privilege to enjoy all that beauty by ourselves.  How many people are that lucky?