Day sail to Nagar Ujong

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Steve & Chris
Sat 26 Aug 2017 10:29

08:30.112S 121:42.396E


Saturday 26th August 2017


Distance run: 42 nm


Anchor up at 0700 and an hour or two of playing dodgems with the FADs and fishing nets later we were out of the bay and heading west along the north coast of Flores towards our next stop, Nagar Ujong.  We had decided to give the next rally stop a miss, and so continued past Maurole for another 8nmiles or so to here.  This is not a rally stop, but a place to anchor for the night before setting off again next day to Riung, which is.  We decided to day-hop along this coast as there are anchorages at convenient points, and this will keep the need for night-sailing to a minimum. 


We had a much faster sail along the coast than anticipated as the wind was much stronger than forecast.  It was also coming from the north-east which was not good news for the anchorage, and as we approached it we had real doubts whether it would be tenable.  However, we found an area behind a reef where the water was lumpy but manageable, and dropped the anchor.


It is no more uncomfortable than Maurole had been every afternoon, and we expect that the wind will come round in the early evening as it had there, flattening out the sea.  Fingers crossed for a calm and peaceful night!