Iraklion and fresh fish for lunch

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Steve & Chris
Tue 16 Sep 2008 15:32
35:21.621N 25:08.272E
We left Rethymno in much calmer weather than we had arrived - we passed this little rowing boat in the bay on the way out - he definitely wouldn't have been there when we came in!
Not sure if the parasol is to keep the sun off or for use as a sail!
It was a fairly straightforward motor along the coast, so Steve decided to trail the paravane out the back of the boat just to see if anything would bite.  We really haven't tried fishing yet, as we are complete novices and thought we would wait till we could ask advice from English speakers.  We used to trail the paravane off the back of Storyline, but never really had much luck with it.
However...half an hour after putting out the line, it was obvious there was something on it, and we pulled in our first real catch (the first fish invited himself on board so doesn't count!)  Now, we know that to Rob and Sarah this is just small fry, but to us it was rather exciting.
Okay, so it wasn't even as long as Steve's foot, but it was a catch all the same!
Steve then went into hunter/gatherer mode and set about tending the line (which meant checking it hopefully every 10 minutes) but we caught nothing else.  I beat a hasty retreat whilst Steve prepared the fish for the pan, and we had fresh fish for lunch. 
It was just as well we had some enjoyment from this trip as our arrival in Iraklion is memorable only by the difficulty we had in finding somewhere to secure the boat for the night.  The inner harbour was choc-a-bloc full with some sailing ragatta, there was no one around to advise where we might tie up, so in the end we lowered the rib and went stern to a rather high wall in the outer harbour.  We pulled the davits right in and kept the stern of the boat right out from the wall because the swell and the wash between them made it a very lumpy mooring.  We didn't even attempt to go ashore, but ate dinner on board and watched a dvd in the cockpit.  It took some time to watch, though, because we had to put it on pause every time a plane took off from Iraklion airport because the harbour is immediately under their flight path and the noise was deafening!  We left early the next morning.  Definitely a place to miss!