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Steve & Chris
Thu 25 Jun 2015 22:37

Thursday 25th June 2015


Having worked up a sweat hiking up the hill, we were now ready for a swim to cool off.  We took the dinghy to the reef in the middle of the bay, dropped the anchor in a sandy bit, donned our snorkels and masks and went over the side to explore.  This was indeed my idea of snorkelling.  The water was flat and calm with very little current, and it just seemed to hold you afloat without you having to do anything at all except lay there! 


The reef had been damaged by storms, and there was much evidence of this in the patches of dead coral, but there were also patches where the coral was blooming and there was much evidence of recovery.  There were lots of small fish of varying shapes, colours and sizes.  Bear and Pepe agreed with Steve that this reef was every bit as interesting and varied as the one they visited yesterday, and far less challenging to snorkel!


m_IMG_5219.jpg                m_IMG_5239a.jpg


m_IMG_5215.jpg                m_IMG_5213.jpg


m_IMG_5224.jpg                m_IMG_5235.jpg


m_IMG_5217a.jpg                m_IMG_5212a.jpg


m_IMG_5231.jpg                m_IMG_5240.jpg


m_IMG_5242.jpg                           m_IMG_5244.jpg

Water so clear you can see to the bottom.                                                                            No need to swim – just float!