Oyster Bay, Long Island Sound

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Steve & Chris
Wed 20 Jul 2011 17:19
40:52.75N 73:30.65W
Wednesday 20th July
Distance run: 19 nmiles
Having stayed on the free town mooring buoy for several days more than strictly permitted, we slipped the mooring around lunchtime and headed out of the bay and north-east along the north shore of Long Island to Oyster Bay.  There was very little wind and so we motored all the way, but it was good to get out and make some wind, as the weather was oppressively hot.  Record temperatures for this time of year -why are we not surprised?
Oyster Bay is where Theodore Roosevelt had his home, and we went to visit the house,which has been kept just as it was when the family lived there. 
Teddy Roosevelt's house at Sagamore Hill.                                                        Relaxing on Teddy Roosevelt's porch.
We also visited some other historical sites in Oyster Bay, one of which had a British red jacket from the War of Independence. 
A British red jacket.
The north shore of Long Island is where all the moneyed people live, and the houses we passed were enormous.  Apparently Billy Joel and Rupert Murdoch have houses here in Oyster Bay, though Murdoch wouldn't have been at home as he was busy answering questions back in the UK!  Oyster Bay is a quaint little town, very smart and well-kept.  Billy Joel apparently owns the classic motorbike shop here, but although we looked longingly through the window, the staff were not about to open upand let us in.  Apparently famous people can keep their own hours.  When we mentioned it to the taxi driver, she was not very complimentary about him!  The local deli owner told us there is little to do there and you really need a car to get out of town if you want to do anything,or even just go to a supermarket. We enjoyed a relaxing couple of days here after the hustle and bustle of the big city.