To Telaga and back

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Steve & Chris
Sat 2 Dec 2017 20:46

Saturday 2nd December 2017


Distance run: 12nmiles


We slipped the lines at 0930 and motored out of the marina and turned right to pass up the west side of Rebak Island and across to Telaga harbour on Langkawi. 


Approaching Telaga harbour below the peaks of Mount Mat Cinchang.


We went alongside the fuel dock and whilst waiting for an attendant we lowered the dinghy into the water and Steve started to row it round the pontoons towards the slipway where All Star Boats were waiting with their trailer to take it back to their workshop in Kuah.  Halfway there, a yachtie with his outboard on his dinghy stopped and asked if he’d like a tow, which pretty much sums up the way we yachties look out for and help each other, even when we’re total strangers. 


The dinghy was safely hauled up the slipway and lashed onto the trailer, and off it went for its little holiday out of the sun.  When we get it back it will have a smart new blue cover.  Steve walked back along the road to the boat, where I was still waiting for the fuel attendant to arrive.  We called the fuel station and asked when he would be coming, and they seemed surprised he wasn’t there.  Shortly after, we heard a radio crackle into life, and lo and behold the attendant appeared, bleary-eyed, from an otherwise empty passenger boat on the opposite side of the fuel dock.  The lazy so-and-so had been having a crafty nap!


With the tanks finally full, and the wind now blowing us onto the dock, we had to adjust the lines and spring off in order to get away, something we haven’t done for a while.  Once out of the harbour, the wind was right on the nose and so it was a motor all the way back to our slip at the marina.


That really was the final trip before we haul out on Monday.  Now to get the sails off and stored below, and make final preparations for the hardstand.