Winter storm

Scott-Free’s blog
Steve & Chris
Tue 7 Apr 2009 14:33
Marmaris Yacht Marina
It was the worst winter here for 20+ years (just our luck!)  Lots of wind and rain.  The worst storm hit in January with winds in excess of 60 knots.  Follow the link below to see video footage, taken at the marina entrance, during the storm.
Scott-Free was safely wrapped up in her plastic tent with her unstepped mast in store, and we were warm and dry in the apartment on this particular occasion.  Only two plastic tents were left intact after this storm, and ours was one of them.  One very large semi-permanent tent was blown apart, with damage to three boats, otherwise there was only minor damage to boats as they rocked and rolled on their moorings.
Credit is due to the marineros who were active throughout the storm looking after the boats - most of whose owners had gone home - thus minimising damage.