Three spot crabs

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Steve & Chris
Sun 8 Nov 2015 22:10

Sunday 8th November 2015


Once the formalities had been completed yesterday, we both felt a shower was top of the priority list, so we wandered up to check out the marina facilities.  It’s a fair stroll along the boardwalk to the loos and showers, but very pleasant, and a long hot shower was very welcome.


Once we felt human again, we explored a little.  Coffs Harbour seems to be a popular seaside resort, with several sandy beaches to choose from.  Just outside the marina entrance is a collection of shops, restaurants and the Fishermens’ Co-op with fresh wet-fish sales on one side and a fish and chip shop on the other.  Won’t be too long before we explore both sides, I suspect.



The Fishermens’ Co-op at the marina entrance.


We could not resist the home-made ice-cream shop, and sat a while to eat our ice-creams, then wandered as far as the Yacht Club, a big, modern building overlooking the bay.  By now I was beginning to flag, so we strolled back to the boat and took it easy until having an early night.


No rush to get up this morning, so a lazy start followed by pottering around sorting the boat out.  Steve suggested prawns for lunch and headed off to the Co-op to get some.  He reappeared with a bag of prawns and a couple of ‘three-spot crabs’ which were delicious.


m_PB080284.jpg                m_PB080283.jpg

Just a light lunch!                                                                                                             No prizes for guessing how they got their name!


As they were washed down by a nice bottle of wine, the afternoon just seemed to drift away...