Off again - at last! Serçe

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Steve & Chris
Mon 18 May 2009 16:41
36:34.9N 28:02.8E
Monday 18th May 2009
The winch is finally fitted and at last we are off! 
Nick Jackson, a friend from the sailing projects, joined us a week ago and has had to spend his first week in Marmaris.  He agreed there are worse places to be stuck in though!
We slipped our winter mooring at 1615 and headed out of Marmaris Bay.  It's good to be on the move again!
A leisurely trip 20 miles along the coast saw us in a lovely anchorage for the night in Serçe bay.  Actually we were feeling lazy so we picked up a restaurant buoy - there were plenty free so we didn't feel too bad when we told the guy we had already eaten!