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Tue 6 Nov 2012 01:47

12:22.084N 69:09.285W


Tuesday 6th November 2012


Distance run: 32 nmiles


Sunday was spent cleaning up the windlass ready for reassembly on Monday, after a bus trip to the hardware store to get new circlips (plus extras for spares) and to the chandlery for sealant.  We had a new bearing in our spares box, but bought another to replace it as who knows when it will need replacing again.


m_windlass Nov12.jpg

The shaft ‘stuck’ to the winch base by the rusted bearing


Rod came over to lend a hand, and within a couple of hours the windlass was back in one piece, fixed on deck and working perfectly.  Wonderful! 


Whilst tidying up the wires in the anchor locker, however, it became apparent that the cable leading to the port navigation light had inadvertently been pulled on, with the result that the light was not now working.  They came to the conclusion that there was a break in the cable somewhere inside the pulpit, and that it would be no easy task to replace it.  Things were looking gloomy for departure the next day and as it was nearly beer o’clock they decided to stop for a beer and carry on in the morning.


Thirsts quenched and beers in hand they decided to go and have another look at it, and in next to no time there was a cheer from the bow that said they had successfully pulled through a new wire.  Amazing what a beer can do! The port light was soon rewired and working, and we were once more on target to leave this morning.


So at 0900 the windlass did an excellent job of pulling up the anchor and we set off out of Spanish Water.  Once out in the open water, we hoisted sail and had the most wonderful sail along the west coast of the island to West Punt Bay on the northern tip.  The water was flat and smooth in the lee of the island, and with a good wind we topped 8.4 knots during the 32 nmile sail and made good time to the anchorage.  By 1400 both boats were safely anchored off Playa Forti where the water was crystal clear and we were able to have our first swim for a couple of weeks.


The plan is to spend the night here and set off early tomorrow for the 60 nmile sail to Aruba.


m_PB070408.jpg                           m_PB070416.jpg

Sailing past Willemstad on the way to West Punt Bay.                                                    Sheer Tenacity anchored next to us off Playa Forti, West Punt Bay.