Port Louis Marina, St Georges

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Steve & Chris
Tue 22 May 2012 01:48


12:02.63N 61:44.95W 


Tuesday 22nd May 2012


Distance run: 11 nmiles


We spent yesterday clearing out the forward cabin and getting it ready to be used as a bedroom rather than a storage space.  It actually looked worse than it was, and we were able to find alternative places to store everything.  Of course, whether we’ll ever be able to find them again remains to be seen….


This morning we lifted the anchor and sailed back round to St Georges on the west coast and into Port Louis Marina for a few days.  It is very different here, being in the main town of the island, and  from the boat we can hear traffic, something that we have not heard for a long time.  There is a cooling breeze, but not the howling wind, which means that we can hear all sorts of other things, both on and off the boat!  And of course the water is still as we are in a lagoon, so we are not rocking and rolling all the time.  I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight!


Best of all so far are the bathrooms.  This is a Camper & Nicholson’s marina and it has their trademark bathrooms rather than separate shower cubicles and toilets.  Each bathroom has a loo, washbasin, hairdryer and superb shower, with a ‘stand under’ enormous shower rose as well as a hand-held spray head, with hot and cold water which can be adjusted to just the heat you want.  Such luxury!  And it is all air-conditioned so I don’t have to worry about pesky mossies lurking in corners and feasting off me at the first opportunity.  Steve thought I had left him I was gone so long when I went for a shower!  


We are plugged into shore power, which is also a treat AND it is 220v 50Hz, just like at home, and everything runs on it.  I may even celebrate by getting the hoover out.  Well, maybe I won’t go quite that far…BUT…the capuccino machine will work so that’s definitely coming out of the locker tomorrow!  I could easily get used to this.  Am definitely tempted to take up the summer offer of half-price rates for 30+ days when we get back from the Grenadines in a couple of weeks…..



Approaching St George’s, the main town of Grenada.